Why NOHA Joint Master?

Mobility is central to the NOHA Joint Master’s Programme. Students study at different universities and benefit from rich cultural interaction and exchange of ideas and languages. The partner universities have gradually integrated the joint training and research programme into their respective curricula, achieving a high degree of cooperation and integration, while preserving their specialty and tradition.


The Joint Master Programme in International Humanitarian Action is an inter-university multidisciplinary programme that provides high quality academic education and professional competencies for personnel working and intending to work in the area of humanitarian action.

The Programme was created in 1993 as a result of concerted efforts of the NOHA Universities, in close collaboration with two Directorates-General of the European Commission: the DG for Humanitarian Action and Civil Protection (ECHO) and the DG for Education and Culture. The initiative was a response to a growing need for higher educational qualifications specifically suited to addressing complex humanitarian emergencies.

The purpose of the Programme is to provide students with a broad education and training in the area of international humanitarian action, in which both critical thinking and research skills are emphasised. The goal is to train high level, committed, interdisciplinary trained personnel who can function with enhanced professionalism and full awareness of the social, political, legal, cultural and security environment, and who can provide quality services in the broad field of humanitarian relief, informed on their theoretical insights and humanitarian principles.

As a result, graduates are prepared to work in the field of humanitarian relief and international cooperation. They may hold various positions of responsibility in all kinds of national and international agencies, institutions, and organisations both in the field and at the headquarters all around the world. Such positions may include project managers, protection officers, emergency team leaders, administrators, researchers, evaluators, consultants and delegates.

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