Legal Architecture
of Humanitarian Action

Network on Humanitarian Action

NOHA is an international association of Universities that aims to enhance professionalism in the humanitarian sector, by promoting humanitarian values and providing certificated high-level courses (Erasmus Mundus Master in International Humanitarian Action), as well as short-term courses and by fostering research and policy papers on key humanitarian issues.

Since its creation in 1993, more than 3,000 graduates have completed the Joint Master in International Humanitarian Action. NOHA counts on the cooperation and support of the EU through the DG Humanitarian Aid & Civil Protection (ECHO) and the DG for Education and Culture.

Meet the Lecturers

NOHA’s core teaching staff comprises highly qualified senior lecturers and researchers in a wide range of relevant disciplines and faculties.

What’s new

The NOHA winter semester students in action

The NOHA winter semester students in action. Their role was to pretend to be disturbing family members of the injured patient. For them it was a great opportunity to observe the process of introducing the medical staff to the field work.

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The 30th anniversary of NOHA

The 30th anniversary of NOHA (Network on Humanitarian Action composed of nine European universities ) and the 15th anniversary of the University of Warsaw’s membership in NOHA celebration on 20 December 2023.

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