Genève trip - student's opinion

If you're interested whether our students enjoyed the study trip to Geneva, you can read what one of them thought about these four very intensive days

If you're interested whether our students enjoyed the study trip to Geneva, you can read  what one of them  thought about these four very intensive days:

"Genève… The city of fountain, which spews out water so high it could be the slimmest skyscraper. The lake, which seems so big it could have been mistaken for a sea. However, Genève is also the European capital of many international and non-governmental organizations. I am not writing here about holidays in Switzerland, because NOHA is trying to bring its students as close as possible to the practitioners from the humanitarian sector. That was the sole purpose of our four days long study trip to Genève.

As observers, NOHA students attended the review of the Poland’s State Report by the Human Rights Committee which plays a crucial role in preventing human rights’ violations around the globe. A vast array of topics were raised during the session including amongst other network against human trafficking, prison system and the case of CIA prison in Poland, counter-terrorism, legal dispute over Polish Constitutional Tribunal and abortion with regard to the right to life. Furthermore, we had a unique chance to explore UN system and its specialised agencies and programmes. We also discussed the most important objectives of the UN namely maintaining peace, encouraging respect for human rights and promoting sustainable development

We really enjoyed Q&A sessions with international law experts. The ICRC museum tour with its interactive exhibitions showed us the importance of human dignity and the humanitarian principles – the legacy of Henri Dunant and his actions during the Battle of Solferino.

Currently, one of the biggest challenges in the humanitarian sector is to coordinate efforts more effectively. This is the main objective of CHS (Core Humanitarian Standard) Alliance, which we have visited to zoom in on the basics of accountability and quality management for humanitarian actors willing to participate in such alliance.

We have also participated in the sessions with UNHCR and Working Group on Discrimination against Women in Law and in Practice. However, nothing is better than meeting and sharing experience with NOHA alumnis, who made it to work in Genève. Their tips may be really helpful in the nearest future. Let’s hope that one day each and every one of us can practically contribute to the better tomorrow."

by Michał Jóźwiak