Practical experience is an essential part of the NOHA curriculum and that is why students of the Programme are encouraged to do an internship with recognized humanitarian stakeholders: government agencies, NGOs, international organisations.

The internship is to be completed after the third semester of studies. It forms a recognised part of the curriculum and is a requirement for obtaining the degree in Humanitarian Action at the University of Warsaw.

Students are required to complete at least 6 weeks of internship (minimum of 250 internship hours). Longer internships (up to 6 months) are also possible with a prior permission of a supervisor of the diploma thesis.

In order to ensure that the internship does indeed acquaint students with the intended knowledge, skills and competence, all internships have to be assessed and approved by the internship supervisor. Based on an internship plan (to be filled in by those students who have found an internship), the NOHA internship supervisor determines whether the proposed internship meets the established learning outcomes. In principle, students have to write an internship report and the internship supervisor checks whether the learning outcomes have been met. The final assessment of the placement will be done by the supervisor from the degree programme after taking into account the assessment by the supervisor from the internship providing institution and the self-evaluation report by the student.

For more information, refer to the Internship course manual as well as templates of the Internship contract and the Assessment forms.



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